Insurance Companies

Accuracy and Safety Ensured in Radiation Oncology

insurance companiesVerify the accuracy and correct implementation of radiotherapy treatments performed under insurance coverage, retrospectively or prospectively. Since the phantoms are exact replicas of the real patient’s bone anatomy and can be irradiated by the same radiation therapy plan to be implemented to the patient, pre-treatment plan verification is now possible.


Key features:
  • 3D printed bone anatomy of the real patient with density corresponding to bone equivalent materials
  • End-to-end QA test
  • Dose measurements for the most complicated treatment plans with arbitrary number of targets
  • High spatial resolution (of ~1mm3) 3D relative dosimetry vs TPS calculations
  • 1D, 2D, 3D dosimetry vs TPS calculations
  • Truly experimental DVH measurements for both targets & OARs & inter-comparison with corresponding TPS DVH calculations. An RTsafe unique feature!

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