Benefits for Medical Physicists

RTsafe’s products and services enable you to conduct realistic simulations of radiotherapy processes in the clinical environment as a vital part of End-to-End verification of the entire treatment cycle.  Additionally, you can validate your quality assurance program independently through effortless and cost-effective advanced dosimetry solutions.

This unique personalized approach can assist you in optimizing treatment outcomes and in minimizing the risk of negative side effects. RTsafe permits data-driven continuous improvement through individualized quality monitoring. Furthermore, authentic process simulation will enable you to confidently advocate SRS as an optimal method of treatment.

Machine QA

Broadening the spectrum of quality assurance

Complexity of contemporary radiotherapy demands a novel approach in quality assurance. Prime is a 3D-printed head phantom that broadens the spectrum of quality assurance through an integrated solution.

Encephalon 3D
Limitless SRS QA
Encephalon 3D is a single-use head phantom constructed from bone equivalent material. The brain area is filled with 3D polymer gel dosimeter, as a tissue equivalent material, giving to the end-user the ability to gain a real-3D map of the delivered dose.
More accurate spine radiosurgery
RTsafe’s 3D printed Spine phantom is an accurate replica of a real patient’s spine anatomy for SBRT quality assurance test. Spine phantom is manufactured to meet the need of a patient specific End-to-End solution in SBRT field.


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