Benefits for Patients

When your or your loved one’s treatment regimen includes Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), you want assurance that the procedure will be safe and effective with minimal side effects. With RTsafe’s innovative technology it is possible to reduce your anxiety by ‘test-driving’ the prescribed treatment in a totally safe simulated environment.

After your initial visit we create your anatomical replica to which the prescribed treatment is delivered in your absence.  With this “practice” treatment, your physician can verify the accuracy of each aspect of the treatment process before you undergo your radiotherapy procedure.

You can enjoy peace of mind and focus on recovery knowing that your treatment goals are being met in the best way possible.


Helping to create a world where every radiotherapy intervention is tested on a personalized phantom before the real patient, thus contributing to the safety and effectiveness of treatment.

Patient stories


Patient Treatment Verification Redefined. Safety Personalized.

PseudoPatient® is an FDA cleared device constructed by the real patient’s CT data using highly accurate 3D printing technology. It forms an anatomically accurate replica of patient’s head, providing physicians and medical physicists with either direct dose measurements of anatomic regions of high interest (point, 2D), or a full relative 3D dose map, ideal for demanding SRS cases, such as small benign tumors.


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