Radiotherapy Auditors

For the first time, radiotherapy auditors are given the tools and methods to perform audit tests for the most demanding real clinical cases in modern radiotherapy (such as SRS, VMAT, IMRT, SBRT, etc.). In specific, using RTsafe’s unique products and services, an auditor can conduct radiotherapy end-to-end audit tests for patient treatments, retrospectively or proactively. In addition to performing a standard dosimetric comparison with calculations, auditors have the opportunity to perform an audit to the whole radiotherapy treatment chain.

Moreover, with RTsafe solutions it is now feasible to perform a specific QA procedure for every patient that participates in the clinical trial, with QA metrics that are directly related to clinical outcome and patient safety. Thus, it becomes possible to accredit each patient treatment in addition to accrediting the RT department itself, giving the clinical trial increased validity and greater trust in the trials process by all concerned. Use of RTsafe’s products also facilitates production of a much more comprehensive audit trail regarding the accuracy of the overall treatment sequence that is being followed by a department.

RTsafe offers the unique QA performance metrics, including:

The Greek Atomic Energy Commission already trusts and uses RTsafe’s products and services for auditing SRS applications in Greece.
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