Radiotherapy Manufacturers

Adoption of a new LINAC or associated radiotherapy software presents a challenge for radiation oncologists, medical physicists and radiation therapists who are understandably risk-averse and will only introduce a new system or advanced RT technique to their department with considerable caution. The majority of errors occur immediately after commissioning and during the implementation phase of a new technique. RTsafe’s solutions and services will provide healthcare professionals with the reassurance they need. Use of our patient-specific phantoms can be deployed as an additional measure to conventional commissioning QA. You want the therapeutic community to have access to your latest developments and techniques. Now they can test and experiment with your leading-edge technology with the peace of mind that comes from working on our ‘virtual’ patients. You can highlight the added value of your products and at the same time your customers can be certain that your technology is providing the safety and accuracy that they want – before moving on to real patients.

RTsafe offers the unique QA performance metrics, including:

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