Reference PseudoPatient™ for SRS/SRT
Reference PseudoPatient™ for SRS/SRT
The new generation of dosimetry phantoms
RTsafe has developed a unique methodology to produce PseudoPatients™. Briefly, using a 3D printer, any patient's CT scan can be used to produce their very own anatomically accurate hollow phantom involving all bone structures and external contour of the head. The resulting avatar is properly machined to accommodate any kind of point, 2D or 3D dosimeters, according to the end-user's needs.
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Services from RTsafe

Remote 3D Dosimetry
RTsafe’s polymer gel dosimeter, RTgel-100, is combined with PseudoPatient™ or any other dosimetry phantom for comprehensive 3D remote dosimetry services.
Remote 2D Dosimetry
Multi-level comparison of film-measured and TPS calculated dose distributions by using film batches calibrated in a Secondary Standard Laboratory.
Advanced MRI QA
RTsafe offers advanced MRI QA services with emphasis to Radiotherapy