Reference PseudoPatient™ for SRS/SRT
Reference PseudoPatient™ for SRS/SRT

RTsafe has developed high-fidelity Reference PseudoPatient™ 3D printed head phantoms of standard dimensions which enable customers to perform quality assurance end-to-end testing of their SRS/SRT systems with a high level of precision and accuracy.

You may utilize these phantoms in order to end-to-end test your SRS/SRT process, by using the RTsafe provided multi-target SRS package modeling a reference target and organs at risk (OARs) in order to gain confidence in your multi-target SRS treatment delivery. Alternatively, feel free to create your contour your own targets and OARs.

All Reference PseudoPatient™ 3D Printed RTsafe head phantoms are properly machined to accommodate any kind and number of point, 2D or 3D dosimeters according to the end-user’s needs. The phantoms are unique in that 3D reconstruction of cranial bone anatomy is true-to-life reproduction of human anatomy, best modeling patient anatomy and clinical scenarios. RTsafe patented methodology of the Reference PseudoPatient™ 3D printed head phantoms has taken CT scans of patients to enable the modeling of the standard reference patient which can be utilized to dosimetrically measure and test challenging clinical cases and provide confidence in your SRS/SRT system.

Compared to the individualized PseudoPatient™, there is no need to select and anonymize the CT scan of one of your patients. Dosimetric analysis of 2D or 3D measurements can also be performed by RTsafe as remote dosimetry services.

Key Features:

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