Remote Dosimetry Services
Remote Dosimetry Services

The complex nature of advanced radiotherapy treatment process demands a commitment to the highest levels of accuracy and precision. The RTsafe Remote Dosimetry Services package forms a powerful tool for quality improvement. Promote the best practice and assure high quality treatments, by outsourcing the routine quality control program of your radiation oncology QMS using a cost and time effective solution.

High quality treatments

Point, 2D & 3D dosimetric and geometric accuracy is verified through independent measurements, fully traceable to SSDL, empowering treatment’s efficiency.

Effortless high-end QA

All RTsafe remote dosimetry processes are based on existing standards and protocols. QA solutions tailored to department’s specific needs assist radiotherapy professionals to evaluate the whole treatment chain.

Cost & time effective solution

All dosimeters provided are ready-to-use requiring the minimum effort for machine and patient QA. An advanced solution that supports the implementation of novel and complex techniques.


Key Features:

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