PseudoPatient™ Prime broadens the spectrum of quality assurance in brain radiotherapy

22April 2019

RTsafe, a medical technology company focused on improving the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy, today announced PseudoPatient™ Prime, a new head phantom that broadens the spectrum of quality assurance in brain radiotherapy through an integrated solution. PseudoPatient™ Prime offers comprehensive dosimetry in a true-to-life human anatomy for End-to-End quality assurance (QA) of challenging radiotherapy applications such as cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).

“Complex radiation treatments demand novel quality assurance procedures to enhance the confidence of radiotherapy departments and minimize patient risk during treatment,” said Evangelos Pappas, RTsafe’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer. “Our goal is to have our technology adopted by the wider radiotherapy community and applied to every radiotherapy procedure before a real patient is treated.”

PseudoPatient™ Prime key benefits:

  • Builds confidence through 3D dosimetry: It provides 3D spatial accuracy evaluation, remote 3D gel dosimetry service and multi-level comparison with TPS calculations.
  • Provides true-to-life human anatomy: The phantom is based on an actual patient’s CT scan. It’s made of bone and tissue equivalent materials in terms of radiological properties and physical density. This means that the phantom reacts to radiation in the same way as human tissue does. The phantom also provides realistic bone and soft tissue contrast in MR and CT imaging.
  • Used for End-to-End QA in SRS: The phantom accommodates point, 2D and 3D dosimeters, as well as CT/MR imaging QA kits. It is set-up and treated just like a real patient. Radiotherapy professionals can test, simulate and verify the entire radiotherapy treatment chain in an authentic environment.

PseudoPatient™ Prime is intended for commissioning and benchmarking of a radiotherapy modality including linear accelerators, SRS units, MR-linacs, periodic QA procedures, remote or internal audit tests, educational and confidence building purposes and clinical or academic research.

RTsafe will showcase PseudoPatient™ Prime at ESTRO 38 in Milan, Italy (April 26-30) at booth #4400 and at ISRS Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (June 9-13) at booth #9.

For sales inquiries, please contact RTsafe here.

About RTsafe
RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a unique approach to quality assurance that significantly enhances the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions. It combines proven expertise in medical physics with highly accurate 3D printing technology to create anatomically accurate effigies enabling medical professionals to simulate treatment and plan more precise treatment interventions for each patient and help radiotherapy technology innovators to fine‐tune their products. The result is more effective therapy and reduced patient risk. For more information, visit


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