Past Projects

IGRT/SGRT QA – Head Phantom

Head phantom (1. Body part), constructed using CTs provided by the end-user (2. CT choice) with IC inserts (3. Dosimeter choice), oriented perpendicular to the axial plane (4. Orientation) including a specially constructed surface intended for SGRT QA and metal spheres within the bones for CT imaging reference points (5. Extra features).

These customized  solutions can also accommodate small  metal  spheres  at  any  desired  or  predefined location  acting  as  reference  points  visible  in  CT,  CBCT, MV, and X-ray  imaging. The external surface of the phantoms can be modified to simulate realistic external morphological characteristics, with dull surfaces that minimize artifacts and unwanted reflections of optical imaging. The end-users can also perform point and 2D dose measurements using appropriate inserts that fit into the phantoms.

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