The complex nature of the stereotactic treatment process demands a commitment to the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

succeSRS is a powerful tool for quality improvement in intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery applications through a remote end-to-end dosimetry audit service.

The phantom used in the audit service is the RTsafe Prime phantom, using the specially designed inserts to accommodate Gafchromic EBT3 or EBT-XD film, OSL, and polymer gel dosimeters. All the dosimeters are calibrated at the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, providing traceability to BIPM-France.

Promote the best practice and assure high quality SRS treatments by including a dedicated credentialing program in your routine radiation oncology QMS.

A unique solution for boosting the SRS program at your clinic by adapting cutting-edge technology. Full exploitation of the system capabilities through data-driven decisions.

How it works​

Patient Imaging Data

Send CT images to RTsafe

Encephalon 3D phantom

Ship to clinic

Dose Delivery

MRI Scanning

Send MR images to RTsafe

Analytical dosimetric report


A comprehensive dosimetry report based on AAPM Task Group report No. 218 recommendations regarding the tolerance and action limits for advanced techniques measurement-based verification QA. Results include comparisons between measurements and Treatment Planning System (TPS) calculations in terms of:

Statistical analysis/comparisons with other institutions at local, national and international level.

Additional material

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