Complexity of contemporary radiotherapy demands a novel approach in quality assurance. Prime broadens the spectrum of quality assurance through an integrated solution. It offers comprehensive dosimetry in a true-to life human anatomy phantom for End-to-End evaluation of advanced radiotherapy applications, focusing on stereotactic radiosurgery.

Prime phantom enables 3D gel dosimetry measurements for the evaluation of the spatial accuracy in complex treatments. In combination with the Remote 3D Dosimetry service, RTsafe provides multi-level comparison with TPS calculations incorporated in a detailed 3D dosimetry report.

Based on an actual patient’s CT scan, Prime utilizes bone and soft tissue-equivalent materials providing realistic contrast in MR and CT imaging.


All the links of the radiotherapy chain are evaluated in a holistic way by simulating patient’s treatment processes from imaging to setup and dose delivery. Comprehensive Point/2D/3D dosimetry and imaging assessment form the ultimate QA solution in SRS.

How it works​

CT/MR Imaging

Planning/Dose Calculation

Positioning and Immobilization

Image Guidance

Dose Delivery

Dose readout/Analytical Dosimetric Report

Key Features


  • 3D spatial accuracy evaluation
  • Remote 3D gel dosimetry service
  • Multilevel comparison with TPS calculations


  • Based on an actual patient’s CT scan
  • Realistic bone and soft tissue contrast in MR and CT imaging
  • Bone and tissue equivalent materials


  • Easy setup and treatment as it is the real patient
  • Evaluation of the whole treatment chain
  • Point, 2D, and 3D dosimetry. CT/MR imaging QA


  • Ion Chamber/diode/diamond detector Fixed Position Dosimetry kit
  • Ion Chamber/diode/diamond detector Variable Position Dosimetry kit
  • Film Dosimetry kit (2D dosimetry)
  • Gel Dosimetry kit (3D dosimetry)
  • MR-related geometric distortion evaluation insert
  • Winston-Lutz insert with central and oset targets
  • Multiple-OSL dosimetry kit
  • Multiple-TLD dosimetry kit

Intended for

  • End-to-End QA in SRS Applications
  • Commissioning and Benchmarking
  • Periodic Quality Assurance
  • Confidence Building & Training
  • Remote or Internal Audit Tests
  • Clinical or Academic Research
Offered services
Prime can be combined with RTsafe’s Remote dosimetry services (Point, 2D & 3D).

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