Preparation for ISRS certification

The ISRS Certification Service requires radiosurgery departments to demonstrate proficiency in quality assurance and patient safety through a thorough review and documentation of their processes and procedures. To prepare for a successful dosimetry audit, centers have the opportunity to enlist the consulting services of RTsafe, which specializes in End-to-End Stereotactic Radiosurgery external dosimetry evaluation, using the same equipment and methodology as ISRS auditors.

RTsafe provides expert guidance and support to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to meet the standards set forth by ISRS. The proposed package includes a Prime phantom bundled with Remote Dosimetry Services, where the user is supported step by step to achieve a particular level of accuracy for required treatment objectives. Results are reported using selected gamma passing rates suitable for SRS plan analysis and the tolerance limits proposed by ISRS.

Collaborating with RTsafe will help prepare the department for the ISRS Certification Service and demonstrate a commitment to the highest quality patient care.

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