National Funding for the RTsafe project AVATAR

20October 2022

We are thrilled to share that the Horizon2020 RTsafe project AVATAR, which received a Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, officially started on the 3rd of October 2022.

RTsafe has introduced the world’s first personalized care service in radiotherapy by harnessing the combined power of 3D printing technology, medical imaging, radiation therapy delivery techniques, and 3D dosimetry methodologies.

For the following 24 months, this project is expected to result in a significant added value and upgrade of the RTsafe technology, which already enhances worldwide patient safety and treatment efficiency for patients treated with radiosurgery.

Moreover, is supporting our team to reach effectively the company’s business milestones and make its upgraded solutions available even more efficiently to millions of patients with brain disorders worldwide.

We want to acknowledge the huge effort of the Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investments | Research, Innovation and Technology ΓΓΕΚ/GSRI, for making this funding a reality. Their support and belief in us are invaluable.

A new era for the company’s social and business vision starts today with this project.


About RTsafe

RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a unique approach to quality assurance that significantly enhances the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions. It combines proven expertise in medical physics with highly accurate 3D printing technology to create pseudo‐in‐vivo dosimetry phantoms towards End‐to‐End commissioning, benchmarking and patient‐specific quality assurance in SRS, IMRT, VMAT and SBRT applications. The anatomically accurate effigies enable medical professionals to plan more precise treatment interventions for each individual patient and help radiotherapy technology innovators to fine‐tune their products. The result is more effective individualized therapy and reduced patient risk.

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