Oncology centers in USA and Europe choose RTsafe for Brainlab’s ABMP software

10May 2016

RTsafe has announced its collaboration with Brainlab, the Munich-based developer of software-driven medical technology. RTsafe’s innovative technology is used for commissioning, benchmarking and periodic end-to-end personalized quality assurance services for the ‘Automatic Brain Metastases Planning’ (ABMP) treatment planning system in radiation oncology centers in the USA (San Antonio, Philadelphia, Boston) and Europe (UK and Israel).

The ABMP software rapidly generates radiosurgery plans for the efficient treatment of multiple metastases. The system automatically creates a volumetrically optimized radiosurgery plan in a matter of minutes after all metastases have been outlined, allowing the clinical user to focus on reviewing and approving the plan.

Combining its proven expertise in radiotherapy quality control with highly accurate 3-D printing technology, RTsafe is able to fabricate patient-specific pre-treatment ‘phantoms’. These phantoms empower medical professionals to develop complex and precise treatment interventions and additionally enable radiotherapy technology companies, like Brainlab, to validate and calibrate their systems before clinical use on real patients.

Post-irradiation MRI images from the RTsafe’s phantoms can demonstrate that multiple targets have been treated accurately and precisely at their exact planned locations before the real patient is treated.

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