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  • Validation of complex radiotherapy techniques using polymer gel dosimetry

    Christian P Karger, Alina Elter, Stefan Dorsch, Philipp Mann, Evangelos Pappas, Mark Oldham Physics in Medicine & Biology (2024)
  • Evaluation of an anthropomorphic ion chamber and 3D gel dosimetry head phantom at a 0.35 T MR-linac using separate 1.5 T MR-scanners for gel readout

    Lukas Nierera, Florian Kampab, Michael Reinera, StefanieCorradinia, Moritz Rabea, Olaf Dietrichc, Katia Parodid, Claus Belkaae, Christopher Kurza, Guillaume Landry Journal of Medical Physics (2022)
  • HyperArcTM Dosimetric Validation for Multiple Targets Using Ionization Chamber and RT-100 Polymer Gel

    Lucia Zirone, Elisa Bonanno, Giuseppina Rita Borzì, Nina Cavalli, Alessia D’Anna, Rosaria Galvagno, Andrea Girlando, Anna Maria Gueli, Martina Pace, Giuseppe Stella and Carmelo Marino Gels (2022)
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