RTsafe and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Forge Groundbreaking Collaboration to Elevate Radiotherapy Standards and Patient Well-being

19January 2024

ATHENS, Greece, January 19, 2023  

Innovative Partnership Aims to Redefine Treatment Accuracy and Safety

RTsafe, a trailblazing medical technology company specializing in radiotherapy quality assurance, proudly announces a transformative collaboration with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. This expansive, multi-year, multicenter agreement encompasses all facets of radiotherapy departments, with a shared mission to elevate treatment accuracy and prioritize patient safety.

Harnessing RTsafe’s cutting-edge technology and specialized medical physics services, this collaboration is poised to set new benchmarks in repeatability and uphold exceptional standards across all radiotherapy departments. External dosimetry audits, acknowledged as the ultimate method for evaluating treatment accuracy, safety, and efficiency, will be integral to this pioneering initiative. RTsafe’s diverse range of solutions constitutes the next generation of Quality Assurance (QA) and external dose verification, spanning across radiosurgery and all treatment stages.

Founded in 2014 by esteemed medical physics professors, RTsafe has rapidly garnered acclaim for excellence in the field. The company’s growth, driven by a team of experienced engineers and medical physicists, has fostered collaborations with premier hospitals and academic institutions, earning the trust of customers and inspiring ongoing innovation in their solutions.

This collaboration with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance radiotherapy safety and effectiveness in the US market. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in medical physics,” stated Evangelos Pappas, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at RTsafe.

Celebrating 50 years of dedicated service, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center has been a beacon of hope and excellence in cancer care. Committed to improving survivorship and alleviating the burden of cancer through expert treatment, compassionate care, early detection, research, and education, the center sees this collaboration as a pivotal moment in their mission. By leveraging RTsafe’s innovative solutions, they aim to enhance the quality and safety of their radiotherapy services.

We eagerly anticipate our collaboration with RTsafe. The safety of our patients and the quality of radiation therapy treatments are our top priorities. RTsafe will help us ensure these goals using their unique technologies for radiation treatment accuracy and precision, and patient-specific Quality Assurance,“ said Sotiri Stathakis, Dr. Charles M. Smith Chief of Physics at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

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About RTsafe

RTsafe is a leading medical technology company that has pioneered a unique approach to quality assurance, significantly enhancing the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions. Combining proven expertise in medical physics with highly accurate 3D printing technology, RTsafe creates pseudo-in-vivo dosimetry phantoms for End-to-End commissioning, benchmarking, and patient-specific quality assurance in SRS, IMRT, VMAT, and SBRT applications. The result is more effective individualized therapy and reduced patient risk. For more information, visit

About Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is Louisiana’s leading cancer care organization, caring for more patients each year than any other facility in the region. With strategic hospital and physician partnerships, the center is delivering on its mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. Mary Bird Perkins and its partners collaborate to provide state-of-the-art treatments and unparalleled, comprehensive cancer services, attracting top cancer minds in the country. From expert physicians and highly specialized scientists to forward-thinking leaders in supportive care and other disciplines, the center fosters a culture of innovation.

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