• Dosimetric evaluation of a 3D printed phantom for patient-specific pretreatment plan verification

    DN Makris, E Zoros, T Boursianis, E Pappas, TG Maris, EP Efstathopoulos Radiotherapy and Oncology, (2018)
  • Fabrication of an anthropomorphic neonatal 3D printed head phantom, to be utilized as a quality assurance means for the optimization of the neonatal brain T1 and T2 weighted sequences on a 1.5T clinical MRI system

    Kalaitzakis G., Boursianis T., Kozana A., Pappas E., Raissaki M., Maris T.G. Physica Medica, (2018)
  • End-to-end audit tests for advanced radiotherapy treatment modalities involving patient-specific 3D dosimetry phantoms

    E Pappas, C Antypas, C Hourdakis, D Makris, E P. Pappas, E Zoros, E Pantelis, K Zourari, P Pantelakos, Z Thrapsanioti International Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology #ICARO2, (2017)
  • A patient-specific audit test for stereotactic radiosurgery treatment modalities

    C Hourdakis, K Zourari, Z Thrapsanioti, E Pantelis, C Antipas, P Pantelakos, P Karaiskos, G Kollias, C Paraskevopoulou, E Zoros, E Pappas Journal of Radiosurgery and SBRT, (2017)
  • A 3D polymer gel dosimeter coupled to a patient-specific anthropomorphic phantom for proton therapy

    Hillbrand M., Landry G., Dedes G., Pappas E.P., Kalaitzakis G., Kurz C., Dörringer F., Kaiser K., Würl M., Englbrecht F., Dietrich D., Makris D., Pappas E., Parodi K. Radiotherapy and Oncology, (2017)
  • End-to-end QA methodology for proton range verification based on 3D-polymer gel MRI dosimetry

    Pappas E., Kantemiris I., Boursianis T., Landry G., Dedes G., Maris T.G., Lahanas V., Hillbrand M., Parodi K., Papanikolaou N. Radiotherapy and Oncology, (2017)
  • A Pseudo–In Vivo Evaluation of Dose Delivered in Spine Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: Dosimetric and Clinical Implications

    Papanikolaou N., Pappas E., Watts L., Clarke G., Gutierrez A.N., Kirby N., Rasmussen K., Ha C.S., Stathakis S. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, (2016)
  • A quality assurance test for the validation of the spatial and dosimetric accuracy of a new technique for the treatment of multiple brain mestastases

    Kalaitzakis G., Papanikolaou N., Boursianis T., Pappas E.P., Lahanas V., Makris D., Stathakis S., Watts L., Efstathopoulos E., Maris T.G., Pappas E Physica Medica, (2016)
  • On the implementation of a novel patient-specific QA process for pre-treatment radiotherapy plan verification in brain tumor patients. An hypophysis VMAT treatment case study’

    E. Pappas, G. Kalaitzakis, T. Boursianis, T. G. Maris, D. Makris and E. Efstathopoulo Conference on Bio-Medical Instrumentationand related Engineeringand Physical Sciences, Athens, 2015
  • 3D polymer gel MRI dosimetry using a 2D haste, A 2D TSE AND A 2D SE multi echo (ME) T2 relaxometric sequences: Comparison of dosimetric results

    Maris T.G., Pappas E., Boursianis T., Kalaitzakis G., Papanikolaou N., Watts L., Mazonakis M., Damilakis J. Physica Medica, (2016)
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