• 3D polymer gel MRI dosimetry using a 2D haste, A 2D TSE AND A 2D SE multi echo (ME) T2 relaxometric sequences: Comparison of dosimetric results

    Maris T.G., Pappas E., Boursianis T., Kalaitzakis G., Papanikolaou N., Watts L., Mazonakis M., Damilakis J. Physica Medica, (2016)
  • Dosimetric validation for an automatic brain metastases planning software using single isocenter dynamic conformal arcs

    Haisong Liu, Jun Li, Evangelos Pappas, David Andrews, James Evans, Maria WernerWasik, Yan Yu, Adam Dicker, and Wenyin Shi Journal of applied clinical medical physics, (2016)
  • Pseudo-In-Vivo Dose Verification of a New Mono-Isocentric Technique for the Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastases

    E P Pappas, N Papanikolaou, G Kalaitzakis, T Boursianis, D Makris, V Lahanas, I Genitsarios, S Stathakis, L Watts, T G Maris, E Pappas 58th AAPM annual meeting 2016, July 31 – August 4, Washington, DC, (2016)
  • A quality assurance test for the validation of the spatial and dosimetric accuracy of a new technique for the treatment of multiple brain metastases

    Kalaitzakis G., Papanikolaou N., Boursianis T., Pappas E.P., Lahanas V., Makris D., Stathakis S., Watts L., Efstathopoulos E., Maris T.G., Pappas E. ECMP 2016, September 1 – 4, Athens, Greece, (2016)
  • Stereotactic Treatment of Multiple Brain Metastasis: Pseudo In Vivo Evaluation of Three Different Techniques

    N. Papanikolaou, E. Pappas, T. Maris, R. Teboh Forbang, S. Stojadinovic, S. Stathakis and A. N. Gutierrez ASTRO meeting 2015, October 17-21, San Antonio, Texas, (2015)
  • Patient-specific quality assurance in stereotactic radiosurgery using gel dosimetry

    Papanikolaou N., Pappas E., Maris T. G., Boursianis T., Kalaitzakis G., Stathakis S., Gutierrez A 12th International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society Congress, Yokohama, Japan, 2015, (2015)
  • On an individualized QA methodology in stereotactic radiosurgery by the use of 3D-printing technology and polymer gel dosimetry

    Milickovic N., Baltas D., Pappas E Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Physik, Marburg, 2015, (2015)
  • Innovative QA methodology for true patient-specific Dose Volume Histograms (DVHs) measurements

    Pappas E., Maris T.G. , Kalaitzakis G., Boursianis T., Makris D., Maravelakis E 3d ESTRO forum, Barcelona, Spain24-28 April 2015, (2015)
  • A Methodology for Stereotactic Radiosurgery Pre-Treatment Plan Verification Using EBT2-Films and Polymer Gel Dosimetry

    Hammoud R., El Kaissi T., Sheim S., Al Hammadi N., Spirou S., Zaimis G., Bakas A., Pappas E. and Maris T.G. 2nd International Conference on Bio-Medical Instrumentation and related Engineering and Physical Sciences, 21-22 June, Athens, Greece, 2013, (2013)
  • The effect of the manufacture methodology on the dosimetric characteristics of normoxic nvinylpyrrolidone based polymer gels as assessed by qMRI methods

    Papoutsaki M.V., Pappas E., Varveris C., Damilakis J. and Maris T.G. Euromar 2013 (European magnetic resonance community ), 30 June – 5 July, Crete, Greece, 2013, (2013)
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