RTsafe & Mercurius Health launch a collaboration to promote safe and auditable SRS and SBRT/SABR treatments.

09November 2020
RTsafe & Mercurius

Athens, Greece   –   November 9, 2020

RTsafe and Mercurius Health today proudly announced that they have launched a collaboration based on promoting safe and auditable stereotactic treatments. The partnership is rooted in the implementation EURATOM directive 2013/59, with a focus on end-to-end SRS/SBRT QA, using RTsafe’s Prime®, Spine and Pseudopatient® services. The two companies offer their complementary expertise to their respective clinical partners to audit and track processes both from an internal and external perspective. They are also exploring further areas of collaboration to ensure sustainable and high-quality remote services, including personalized QA for cohorts of SRS/SBRT patients.

“While the rapid technological change in Radiotherapy is enabling hospitals to provide exceptional quality of care, it also requires the care providers to certify these new SRS/SBRT/SABR treatments are delivered with utmost precision and accuracy consistently in every location. We are proud to bring together RTsafe’s unique approach to end-to-end QA in high stake radiotherapy techniques, and Mercurius Health’s highly experienced clinical teams in providing state-of-the-art treatments. Together, our goal is to raise the bar in patient safety and creating auditable processes, especially in these highly demanding procedures” Mercurius Health Director of Operations and Digital Services, Delos Wilbur, said.

RTsafe‘s range of solutions, from remote dosimetry services to cutting-edge high-precision/accuracy phantoms for end-to-end machine and patient QA, form a new generation of dosimetry solutions in radiosurgery. This expertise enables clinicians to build maximum confidence in their treatment procedures and staff capacities, both when launching or moving to new clinical practices, as well as in their day-to-day procedures for each SRS / SBRT / SABR patient. The outstanding achievement derived when merging the above, is the establishment of an independent and efficient remote dosimetry auditing plan of procedures and processes, which is part of several international recommendations and regulations.

“Assuring that medical intent is delivered reliably is the minimum we should be doing for all patients that entrust us with their life and for all staff involved in delivering complex treatments. Partnering with RTsafe is part of our innovation strategy to bring peace of mind to patients, professionals and care providers”, Mercurius Health Director of Innovation and Partner Relationships, Carlos Rodrigues, added.

“While more complex treatments usually translate to more targeted treatments, they also require more complex QA. This highlights the necessity of independent dosimetry audits, as an effective way to assure the treatments’ highest levels of quality and safety. We are excited to collaborate with Mercurius Health as our clinical partners towards promoting best practices in the delivery of high-quality SRS/SBRT/SABR treatments”, RTsafe Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Evangelos Pappas, added.


About RTsafe

RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a unique approach to quality assurance that significantly enhances the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions. It combines proven expertise in medical physics with highly accurate 3D printing technology to create anatomically accurate effigies enabling medical professionals to simulate treatment and plan more precise treatment interventions for each patient and help radiotherapy technology innovators to fine‐tune their products. The result is a more effective therapy and reduced patient risk.

About Mercurius Health

Mercurius Health is a B2B services provider that supports hospitals and cancer treatment centres to provide the highest quality care for their patients, by making the best use of advanced and rapidly changing technology. We are the market leader in Portugal where we have over 20 years of experience in supporting public and private oncology institutions through our team of over 120 oncology professionals. The Mercurius Health team constitutes one of the world’s largest networks of specialized Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine staff and has an unrivalled methodology in how to manage radiotherapy departments and clinics within strict EU level regulatory frameworks.


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